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Yoga of the Sun: Gymnastique Exercises with Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov

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As I’ve already mentioned in the first post on this blog, we will be delving into the teachings of Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov together at our yoga immersion (see below).

I was curious as to what Master Omraam’s yoga exercises looked like, so I looked them up on Youtube, and here is what I found…

Here is the information on the Youtube video itself, written in French (Omraam’s second language, after moving to France from Bulgaria):

Exercices de gymnastique dirigés par le Maître Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov au Domaine du Bonfin en août 1982, avec en voix-off, les formules correspondantes. Ces exercices ont pour but de renforcer le corps énergétique, le système nerveux et d’assouplir et tonifier le corps physique.
On peut, en exécutant cette gymnastique, inspirer sur les mouvements ascendants et expirer sur les mouvements descendants afin d’amplifier son effet sur le corps éthérique (énergétique).

Il est également souhaitable de prononcer ces formules doucement afin qu’elles se réalisent par la parole dans le plan physique.

Si vous faites attentivement et consciemment les exercices de gymnastique, vous obtiendrez de grandes améliorations pour votre santé et votre équilibre dans tous les plans. Ce sont des mouvements simples, faciles que tout le monde peut exécuter. Ils ne développeront certainement pas beaucoup vos muscles mais ils renforceront votre système nerveux et vous permettront d’entrer en relation avec les courants cosmiques”

~ Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov

And here is the translation I got from doing a French to English translation online:

“Exercises of gymnastics directed by the Mr. Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov to the Domain of the Bonfin in August 1982, with in voice-off, the corresponding formulas. These exercises have for goal to reinforce the energizing body, the nervous system and to soften and to tone up the physical body. One can, while executing this gymnastics, to inspire on the ascending movements and to expire on the downward movements in order to amplify his/her/its effect on the body éthérique (energizing).”

Here is what is going through my mind when watching this:

This was recorded in 1982, when Omraam was 82, just two years before he departed this plane. My dad is now 82. All I can say is, Omraam looks and moves very well for a man his age!

This is all fascinating to watch, and definitely admirable to see all the members of his group (fraternity) doing all of these movements in sync!   On some level, though, it is unappealing, too, and feels even cultish to my American, post-modern sensitivities (yours, too?)  Yet perhaps this is because we live in such a hyper-individualistic culture where the “group mind” is not always considered to be as important as the individual freedom of choice.  Perhaps we give our egos too free rein/reign?  Perhaps we have denied and rejected the possibility that there are true masters (like Omraam) who can lead us into greater and greater light?

Another thing that I found especially interesting here is that the first set of exercises seem to be almost exactly like ones that I have done before, taught to me by one of my first teachers from India, Sri Anandi Ma, who learned it from her Guruji, Madhusudandasji (aka Dhyanyogi).  These are not so much physical exercises (the word “gymnastic” gives us the wrong impression to us) as spiritual ones, wherein we take in the prana from the earth, sky, and sun, and let it fill and imbue our entire beings.  It’s a beautiful practice, and it does take discipline to really focus on bringing in the light and feeling it pervade your entire body.  In comparison, a lot of yoga today has become just about the workout, desacralized, stripped of its subtlety and beauty.  I take responsibility for this, as I have not always honored these deeper dimensions of the tradition.  This is why I have been placing so much emphasis on exploring Omraam’s teachings in-depth — because I do choose to pay homage to the spirit of yoga in its highest and deepest sense.

I would like to conclude with some further reflections on certain connections I see here. One thing worth noting to me is that since the name “Omraam” was given to Aivanhov by one or several Hindu gurus while he was on pilgrimage to India in the years 1959-60, and it is clearly a name that is of the “Rama” tradition; and my teachers Anandi Ma & Dhyanyogi are of that same tradition, too, perhaps there is some connection between these “gymnastique” exercises and ancient solar yoga exercises passed down through the ages in India? This is certainly a possibility. I was just reading a small pamphelet called “Inner Yajna” today put out by the Sri Aurobindo group in Pondicherry which wanted to make the point that the Vedas have an inner, mystical meaning that most scholars of the Vedas have missed, and that the main God of the Vedas is “Surya,” which is often translated as “Sun” (as in “Surya Namaskar” — the Sun Salutation). So it would make complete sense that Omraam was teaching from this ancient Surya/Solar Yoga tradition, especially as he so emphasized the power of the Sun in his teachings. I have to say, too, that this was perhaps one of the things about Omraam that most drew me toward his teachings, as I, too, recognize the greatness of the sun, and draw upon it every day for sustenance.

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