Yoga of Bliss 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Immersion & Retreat, January 9-30th, 2013

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    • Yoga of Bliss
      Retreats & Yoga Teacher Trainings

      Yoga of Bliss Teacher Training Immersion

      A 200-hour Yoga Alliance Registered Program on Maui, Hawaii
       Certification by Yoga University

      A Mystic Immersions Retreat

      21 days ~  January 9th-30, 2013


      * Partner Yoga, Flying Yoga & Thai Bodywork* Yoga Swing~ Learn how to swing & Receive one free

      * Learn Vinyasa Flow & Integral Yoga

      * Vegan Living Food By LIVACIOUS

      * Kirtan and Satsang

      * Sacred Hawaiian Wisdom Sharing

      * Special Guest Teachers & Speakers

      * Yoga Right Livelihood & Internet Marketing Guidance

      * Ticket to Mystic Island Festival Included

      * Island Excursions Included

      * Be Part of the Launch of Our First Online Course!

      * Learning & Teaching Yoga as a Way of LIFE

      Teachers & Special Guests include~

      Allowah Lani, Program Director ~ Vinyasa Flow, Flying Yoga, Kirtan, Satsang, Ecstatic Dance & Breathwork

      Meenakshi Angel Honig ~ Integral Yoga, Yoga Anatomy, The Yoga Sutras, Flying Yoga, Yoga Diet

      Talia Irene ~ Partner Yoga, Playful Heart Dance, Live Food Nutrition, & Soul Connection Counsel

      More Special Guest Presenters, TBA

      Held at a Beautiful Retreat Center on Maui’s North Shore


      “It is an amazing space, great energy, absolutely gorgeous and a perfect place to do your training.  I know, because I just completed mine there. 🙂  I fully recommend Allowah and his Program. ♥”

      ~ Theresa Guinasso, CA


      “Allowah is a great teacher who lives yoga full heartedly.  He is wise in the information he gives and makes everyone feel very welcome.  He is also very patient and understanding of individual needs as well as the group needs…”

      ~Robyn Filkins, NY

      “It was a strong experience…So many lessons I have learned to grow and now I just need to practice!  Thank you so much for this amazing experience…I love you.”

      ~ Delphine, FL


      “Thank you for a wonderful learning experience with a great group of people.  I feel that I have really grown through having had this experience.  I learned a lot about yoga from this training.”

      ~ Meredith, FL


      About Livacious Live Food Catering

      “Delicious, Delicious and Amazingly Delicious!
      Taliyah and Diana make the best food I’ve ever had and it’s all filled with Loving & Light energy!
      Thank you! Namaste”

      ~ Robyn


      $3800 All-Inclusive
      $2800 For Maui Residents~ Includes everything except lodging.


      Refer a friend and receive $200, even in you don’t participate!

      Great early bird special for first 2 registrants~ $3300

      $3600 if full payment is made prior to December 15th.


      Please note ~ This program is open to all ~ even to those who do not necessarily want to teach yoga, but just explore it more deeply for personal growth, planetary healing or as a Retreat.  This training course is also ideal for yoga teachers who wish to delve into the deeper dimensions of yoga.  In other words, not just yoga as a workout, but as a way of life.

      For a video sample of our work together please click HERE <http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BZZ1wr2OgU8&utm_source=Yoga+School+List&utm_campaign=001f76b1a6-First_Yoga_CHimp_Newsletter7_2_2010&utm_medium=email&gt;
      This is one of the many wonderful things we will be doing and learning together at our retreat.


      Allowah ~ allowah13@gmail.com   Phone: (239) 592-0898

      Angel ~ angel@angelyoga.com  Phone: (808) 573-1414

    • Maui

Lahaina, Hawaii 96768

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