Going Beyond the Body, Through the Body…

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When I watch this video, I don’t see the form, I see the content.

In other words, I’m not interested in what this guy’s doing here,

I’m much more interested in what’s happening on the inside.

On one level, I see the will power, patience, perseverance, practice, persistence, etc.,

over years and no doubt lifetimes that went in to creating this whole spectacle.

And that is all well and good as far as it goes…

Yet, and this is so hard to truly grasp, I realize, yoga is beyond even this, beyond

the body and even its most beautiful expressions.

Yes, let us witness them, enjoy them, be inspired…

and release all attachment to it or judgment about them.

Real yoga does not require anything more or less than this,

I say, releasing judgment about that statement, too…

The truth is, this cat here is still very much in process,

still making allowance to release more and more the attachment to the body,

to being “somebody,”

releasing fear that his body will no longer be able to do this someday,

and then where will he be?

Or that there’s someone out there who might judge and say, “Well, that’s not bad,

but I know a guy…”

Or of course the ultimate fear of losing the body, either in part or in toto, through

injury or death…

So this is a good start, this shows a certain level of mastery,

yet ultimately where this is all headed is to the heart,

where fear, judgment, and guilt all must be released —

both in oneself, and towards all “others,” until

only Love remains…

The Great Paradox we find ourself in today is that the body is

both the greatest obstacle to this Embodiment of Love,

and at the very same time,

it is the vehicle through which many of us are journeying

to discover that the body is indeed merely a tool

and that we shall one day be required to lovingly let go of it,

fully realizing, at last, that it was never really about the body,

that is not the goal, and let us cast out all false idols once and for all

to BE STIll & KNOW

that we are THAT


We are Love

We are One

We are Spirit

in Godessence

Thank U for Witnessing All of This,

& with me,

Releasing All Fear to Truly Know the One Love

That We Are & Share

Eternally Now & Forevermore



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