Yogi Zen & Urine Therapy…Fountain of Youth?

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Aloha!  Yogi Zen has finally arrived back on Maui after a long hiatus and he is sharing his amazing Yoga Swing (that he invented) with us all.  He is also sharing his wealth of knowledge and wisdom regarding yoga, the body, staying young and longevity.  This blog post is really just to highlight a couple of things: Urine therapy, a most likely ancient yoga practice (found in the 14th century yoga manual the Hatha Yoga Pradipika, for one), also found in a number of other cultures; and the Yoga Swing, particularly Yogi Zen’s latest model which I have now had the pleasure to experience myself (in the yoga space here on Maui where Yogi Zen originally created it).


 As far as the swing, all I can say is “wow!”  I agree with Yogi Zen that this is one of the next big things for yoga and for self-care and fitness in general.  I feel so strongly about it that I will be helping Zen to share his gift with the world, bringing it back with me to Naples, Florida, where I introduced Yogi Zen’s original parachute model of the swing a couple of years back.

Urine therapy is a tougher pill to swallow for many, especially in our culture. In another post, I will go into why it works in more detail.  For now, you can watch the National Geographic Taboo video above to get a little sense of what it’s all about.   Also, here’s one of Yogi Zen’s (aka, TarZen) most recent yoga swing video offerings…

Yogi Zen’s Website: http://zerogravitygym.com

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