Cusco, Perú Yoga Teacher Training with Yoga University, September, 2014

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Peru Yoga Teacher Training with Yoga University, September, 2014.

Please call for more details: (239) 592-0898 Peru Yoga Teacher Training with Yoga University, September, 2014

~ HOLA! NAMASTÉ _/\_ ~

You Are Invited…

To our 200-Hour Yoga Alliance Registered Program this Fall in Perú’s Sacred Valley, Cusco, Perú

WHEN: Sept 13 – Oct 3rd, 2014 (MUST arrive is Cusco no later than Sept 12 for opening ceremony)

WHERE: ‘Sembrando Semillas con Yoga” Retreat Center in Cusco, Perú

WHO: Anyone who wants to deepen into their yoga practice and self-understanding while exploring the rich Peruvian culture. These programs are of special benefit to those who are seeking to become new yoga teachers, yet are open to anyone with a deep interest in yoga and their own evolution/involution. Our intention is always to open space for transformation to occur — a process that often takes us beyond the mat…

~ Certification through Yoga University and Yoga Alliance

+ Continuing Education & Deepening for Yoga Teachers & Devoted Students.


* Learn to Teach Hatha Yoga, Ashtanga Vinyasa Flow Style*

* Kundalini Yoga, Ashtanga, Partner Yoga, Acro Yoga, Mandala Yoga, Thai Bodywork, Ecstatic Yoga Dance & Breathwork (Pranayama)*

* Intro to the Yoga Swing & Receive a Free One *

* Kids Yoga & Circus/Clown Yoga

* Daily Meditations, Kirtan & Satsang *

* Introduction to Sanskrit and Vedic Philosophy *

* Healing & Detoxification * Yoga Nutrition and Diet *

* Super-healthy Organic Vegetarian meals prepared on-site & Nutrition Classes & counseling *

* Shamanic Healing Ceremonies and Sweat Lodge *

* Permaculture *

* Hands-on experience working with the kids in the community *

* Agni Hotra ceremony, Pachamama offerings and rituals *

* Sound Healing sessions, voice and music lessons *

* Andean Cosmology *

* Mandala classes *

* FInancial Wellness for Yoga Professionals *

* Sacred Excursion to Macchu Picchu and spiritual journeys to the most sacred places in Cusco *

* Massages, Aura Alignments and Coca Leaf Readings *

* Learning & Teaching Yoga as a Way of Life, in a Well-Rounded, Non-Dogmatic, User-Friendly Way *

* Receive our online course offering package as part of the program, & discounts on future offerings *


Reserve Your Space ~ $500


Early Bird (If Paid In Full Before June 15th) ~ $2999

Price for Peruvian Residents ~ $2499

Full Price ~ $3399 (Includes Everything except airfare and some books)

All payments except deposit are 50% refundable up to 2 weeks prior to start date, or 95% could go toward a future RYTT.


Refer a friend and receive $150, even if you don’t participate! Your friend receives $75 off.

* Special Discount for Students & Special Needs *

* We offer no money up front and no interest for 6 months with Paypal Financing (decent credit required) *

*** Please note ~ This program is open to all ~ even to those who do not necessarily want to teach yoga, but just explore it more deeply for personal growth and planetary healing. This training course is also ideal for yoga teachers who wish to delve into the deeper dimensions of yoga. In other words, not just yoga as a workout, but as a way of life. ***


Teachers & Special Guests Include:

* Allowah Lani (Program Director) ~ Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Kundalini Yoga, Flying Yoga, Kirtan, Satsang, Sanskrit, Ectatic Dance & Shamanic Breathwork, Music lessons, etc. *

~ Pacha Lila ~ Peruvian Excursions, Shamanic Ceremonies, Yoga for Kids, Clown, Nutritional Counseling, Spanish and Ukulele lessons *

~ Marcella Pantigozo ~ Shamanic Healing Ceremonies, Sacred Journeys, Coca Leaf Readings, Shamanic Alignments and Cleanses, Andean Cosmology *

~ Marisol Fajardo ~ Vinyasa and Raja Yoga, Permaculture, Community activities and work with SSCY Organization.

* More Special Guest Teachers & Presenters, TBA


For questions about the program, contact Allowah @ allowah13@gmail.com


“It is an amazing space: great energy, absolutely gorgeous and a perfect place to do your training. I know, bc I just completed mine there Feel free to contact me, ask questions or see my photo albums for more information. I fully reccomend Allowah and his program. ♥” ~ Theresa Guinasso


“Allowah is a great teacher who lives yoga full heartedly. He is wise in the information he gives and makes everyone feel very welcome. He is also very patient and understanding of individual needs as well the group needs…[& About Livacious Live Food Catering:] Delicious Delicious and Amazingly Delicious! Taliyah and Diana make the best food I’ve ever had and it’s all filled with Loving & Light energy! Thank you! Namaste” ~ Robyn Filkins

****** “It was a strong experience…So many lessons I have learned to grow up, and now I just need to practice! Thank you so much for this amazing experience…I love you.” ~ Delphine, Miami, Florida


“Thank you for a wonderful learning experience with a great group of people. I feel that I have really grown through having had this experience. I learned a lot about yoga from this training.” ~ Meredith, Naples, Florida


Allowah Lani (239) 592-0898 (Hawaii)

Pacha Lila +51 980 390 952 (Perú) (808) 280-6229 (Hawaii)


– allowah13@gmail.com, or FB “Allowah Lani” – munayki8@me.com or FB “Pacha Lila”




Yoga University on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/yogauniversity108?ref=ts&fref=ts

3~’ “Love, Serve, Remember” 3~’

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