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awakening the DREam




Had quite an unusual experience today…. I think I may be losing some of you at this point with my out-there stories, but it’s a part of my physical healing process, so as crazy as it may sound to you,its legit to me, and still going to share it with you.

I do reiki work, so I’m a firm believer in energy work, but not everyone does, and that’s ok, so you don’t have to read this if you don’t want. Anyway, there is an ancient healer here in Maui who uses hyperdimentional etheric healing. What is that you are probably asking… Well, I shared a picture of the pamphlet if you care to read about it, but basically deals with ones energy fields, and gets rid of negative energy/entities that have attached to you and created illnesses. He also uses magnets ( also a Chinese medicine technique) to help…

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Officially Released! Allowah Lani’s New Book, “Who Am I? Yoga, Psychedelics & the Quest for Enlightenment”

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Yoga & Psychedelics

Top Choice cover

“With his excellent book, Allowah Lani gives us a tour de force of several major subjects. I’m not well versed in yoga or psychedelics, but I certainly learned a lot about those things from this book. And I was particularly struck by the author’s ability to move into a discussion of A Course in Miracles from the perspective of his own journey, and do a fine job presenting its message. I highly recommend this book to all seekers of the truth. I believe you’ll be blown away, as I was, by its depth and wisdom.

Gary Renard, best-selling author of The Disappearance of the Universe



Book Description

Far more than a mere history of the practice of yoga and beyond a study of psychedelic-substance use to aid the pursuit of enlightenment, Who Am I? is a broad, expansive journey told through the eyes…

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Code of Ethics

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“This is a new paradigm code of ethics for anyone who identifies with living, serving, and working on a path of higher consciousness.  …”

* Be honest, work on yourself, live your truth, don’t use others, makes mistakes, make amends, listen to feedback, and move past defensiveness.

* Become a spiritual warrior.

* Have a heart and a mind — use them both.

*  Be open to support from your spirit guides.

*  Live inside your body — be juicy.

*  Take your own advice — live and let live.

*  Take things as they come — one day at a time…and forgive yourself when you do not.

* Be mindful and spontaneous at the same time.

*  Move past one-sidedness.

*  See the beauty and perfection in everything!

*  Be open to change and let go!  Be open to joyfulness.

* Believe in yourself, in others, and in synchronicity and grace.

* Let gratitude fill you up, and let it flow to others.

*  Show the same patience to others that the universe has shown to you.

* Be flexible and tolerant; include yourself.

* Become a shadow dancer — the light, the dark, no difference.

* Never take advantage of others — remember the law of karma.

* Seek to empower those you serve.

* Avoid comparing yourself and your gifts with others.

* Let go of competition and scarcity consciousness — believe in abundance.

*  Hold the vision for those who seek your guidance.  Offer them lovingkindness.

* Do not take others hostage to your ideas of who they should be.

* Do not enable others to stay as they are.

* Let there always be an equal exchange of energy between you and those you serve, aso as not to create confusion and a “less than” relationship.

* Feel your loving feelings and body responses for others.

* Have loving boundaries.  Never shame another for loving, sexual, and nonsexual feelings.

*  Create a big, safe container in which these bright, beautiful souls may cook so the fires of transformation can work their magic on us all.

*  Remember, we are all traveling on the wheel of life back to where we came from, doing the best we can.

* So treat others as you want to be treated — with consideration, dignity, and respect, no matter who they are.  We are all God’s favorite child.

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Maui 200-HR Yoga Teacher Training with Yoga University, July 10-Aug 10, 2014

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Maui Yoga Teacher Training with Yoga University, July-August, 2014, come join us!


~..::* ALOHA & NAMASTÉ *::..~

E Komo Mai ~ You Are Invited…

To our 200-Hour Yoga Alliance Registered Program & Retreat this Summer on Maui!

WHEN: July 18- August 8, 2014 (Single week retreat July 10-17th)

WHERE: A Beautiful Retreat Space on Maui

WHO: Anyone who wants to deepen into their yoga practice and self-understanding while enjoying the beauty and richness of Maui.We will offer Ayurvedic cleanses, pranayama and meditation, and healthy organic food. These programs are of special benefit to those who are seeking to become new yoga teachers, yet are open to anyone with a deep interest in yoga and their own evolution/involution. Our intention is always to open space for transformation to occur — a process that often takes us beyond the mat…

~ 200 Hour Certification through Yoga University, Registered with Yoga Alliance~

+ Continuing Education & Deepening for Yoga Teachers.


* Learn to Teach Vinyasa Flow Style *

* Kundalini Yoga, Partner Yoga, Flying Yoga, Thai Bodywork, Ecstatic Yoga Dance & Breathwork *

* Intro to the Yoga Swing & Receive a Free One

*Ayurvedic Consultations and Cleansing

* Daily Meditation, Kirtan & Satsang ~ Native Hawaiian Spiritual Wisdom Sharing *

* Healing & Detoxification, Connecting with Your Passion *

* Super-healthy Food Prepared On-site *

* Shamanic Yoga Healing Ceremony (optional) *

* Internet Marketing for Yoga *

* Epic Island Excursions *

* Special Guest Teachers *

* Learning & Teaching Yoga as a Way of Life, in a Well-Rounded, Non-Dogmatic, User-Friendly Way *

* Receive our online course offering package as part of the program, & discounts on future offerings *

COURSE SYLLABUS: http://yogauniversity108.com/2013/08/30/2152/


SINGLE WEEK RETREAT July 10th – 17th



Early bird for April (If Paid in full by April 31st) ~ $980

Full Price: $1280 – includes meals, yoga, transportation & lodging in house

Camping: $800

::Excursions include waterfall hikes, healing ceremonies, beach trips, and more!::

FULL YTT IMMERSION July 18th – Aug. 8th

$500 Deposit to Reserve Space (Can be applied to a future offering)

RESERVE YOUR SPACE: $500 ~ paypal_buynow

QUESTIONS? PLEASE CALL: (239) 592-0898

Full Price, 4 Weeks: $4880

Full Price, 3 Week Yoga TT: $4280

Early Bird for 4 Weeks All-Inclusive: $4280 (pay by April 31st)

Early Bird for 3 Week Yoga TT: $3880 (by April 31st)

Kama’aina Price for 4 Weeks (No lodging): $3440

Kama’aina Price for 3 Weeks (No lodging): $2980

Student & Financial Aid Price: $3440

All payments except deposit are 75% refundable up to 90 days prior to start date, 50% 21 days prior to start, or 100% could go toward a future offering.

For more pricing options & details, please call: (239) 592-0898


Refer a friend and receive $150, even if you don’t participate! Your friend receives $75 off.

* Special Discount for Students & Special Needs *

* We offer no money up front and no interest for 6 months with Paypal Financing (decent credit required) *

*** Please note ~ This program is open to all ~ even to those who do not necessarily want to teach yoga, but just explore it more deeply for personal growth and planetary healing. This training course is also ideal for yoga teachers who wish to delve into the deeper dimensions of yoga. In other words, not just yoga as a workout, but as a way of life. ***

Teachers & Special Guests Include

* Allowah Lani (Program Director) ~ Kundalini Yoga, Flying Yoga, Kirtan, Satsang, Shamanic Dance & Breathwork, etc. *

* Śri Yogi Zen ~ Gravity Master/Yoga Swinger, Yoga Detox Facilitator, Hot Stone Masseuse, Coco-Nut Jungle TarZen Supplier, etc. *

*Alexandra Carelli ~ Certified Ayurvedic Livestyle Counselor, Ayurvedic, Vegan & Gluten-free chef, RYT-200, Pranayama & Meditation* (please contact her for dietary specifications and questions: alexandrawalks@gmail.com)

* More Special Guest Teachers & Presenters, TBA


For questions about the program, contact Allowah @ allowah13@gmail.com


“It is an amazing space: great energy, absolutely gorgeous and a perfect place to do your training. I know, bc I just completed mine there Feel free to contact me, ask questions or see my photo albums for more information. I fully reccomend Allowah and his program. ♥” ~ Theresa Guinasso


“Allowah is a great teacher who lives yoga full heartedly. He is wise in the information he gives and makes everyone feel very welcome. He is also very patient and understanding of individual needs as well the group needs…[& About Livacious Live Food Catering:] Delicious Delicious and Amazingly Delicious! Taliyah and Diana make the best food I’ve ever had and it’s all filled with Loving & Light energy! Thank you! Namaste” ~ Robyn Filkins

****** “It was a strong experience…So many lessons I have learned to grow up, and now I just need to practice! Thank you so much for this amazing experience…I love you.” ~ Delphine, Miami, Florida


“Thank you for a wonderful learning experience with a great group of people. I feel that I have really grown through having had this experience. I learned a lot about yoga from this training.” ~ Meredith, Naples, Florida

More Testimonials: http://yogauniversity108.com/testimonials/


Allowah (239) 592-0898

email: allowah13@gmail.com, or Facebook “Allowah Lani”

web: www.allow-ah.com


Yoga University on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/yogauniversity108?ref=ts&fref=ts

“You are being invited to enter the frequency of calm and silence, awakening the witness. Every action that is born from this presence is love in motion, and this frees up karma. Such movement acts on behalf of the common good. This is authentic altruism: it doesn’t hurt anyone and it serves everyone. It is based on the true desire to see the other happy.” ~ Sri Prem Baba

3~’ “Love, Serve, Remember” 3~’