Namaste’ /\

My given name is Alan Lowenschuss, though I am known on Facebook as “Allowah Lani,” an inspired spiritual name. Let me first introduce myself and the idea behind Yoga University by telling you just a little about my journey…

I spent most of my first 30 years in school, ultimately delving deeply into the fields of Philosophy and Religion as an Undergrad and Graduate Student at an Ivy League University. I almost completed a PhD in Comparative Religion, but did not go through with it as it became clear to me that academia can only go so far as it does not consider the whole person, by which I mean the psycho-spiritual dimension, particularly the heart. Yoga is the only thing that has done that for me in my life, and I consider my Yoga education over the past 17 years to be more than the equivalent of a PhD.

My yoga education has run the gamut of very traditional to very contemporary, as I have immersed myself in the best from the ancient East and the postmodern West. My traditional learning has included traveling to India multiple times for meditation retreats at my guru’s ashram (waking up at 3 in the morning!), to doing Kirtan and learning Sanskrit in-depth; and often simultaneously, I have studied with some of the top contemporary Hatha Yoga teachers in the West, in addition to teaching Hatha Yoga regularly for the past 12 years, and directing a Yoga Teacher Training school for the past 6.

The idea behind Yoga University is simply this: An online school that will offer a truly universal education that addresses the whole person, and which bridges the gap between the ancient and postmodern, East and West, translating Yoga into language that is fun, easy-to-grasp, and accessible to the layperson. Yoga University will not offer merely information, but online courses with practical guidelines and tests that will help to embed and embody the teachings most effectively.

Funds donated will go to the following:

1) Creation of Online Books, Videos, and Courses that will provide the highest quality information about Yoga. The first course will be created through Udemy.

2) An Interactive Website with an online store.

3) Marketing & Promotion.

4) Miscellaneous things like Trademarking, Logo, Apps, etc.

The money donated will also give us the time we need to work on our curriculum.

Here is a little more about our mission:


We are an online guide to make more informed choices about our lives through the highest quality, web-based education that is balanced, broadminded and non-dogmatic in its approach.


ॐ Yoga University offers an online education that bridges Eastern & Western thought through fun user-friendly courses and an interactive website (still under construction). We provide the highest quality web-based education that is balanced, broadminded and non-dogmatic in its approach, by which the student is guided to make more informed choices and decisions about their life . Yoga University also offers Yoga Teacher Training programs and yoga-based retreats around the world. ॐ

& Here is a link to our Yoga University Facebook Page

Thank You for Your Time & Generosity, Alan

Ps. If you DONATE $10,000, you will receive an all-expense paid trip to Bali that includes our Bali Yoga Spirit 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Immersion in Ubud this March, as well as a paid ticked toBali Spirit Fest.


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