A Guide to Radical Self-Inquiry

           Great Questions for the Quest…


   Hey You!

   Even if you are the inquisitive sort, the following questions might seem like something of an Inquisition, or at least an imposition, yet i humbly assure you they will put you in position to sort out what appears to be the most essential of all inquiries, the maha-question “Who Am I?”

     The following self-interrogation checklist (if you will) is designed to be used for any question, issue, or even thought that arises in the mind’s I, but especially for deeply held/entrenched beliefs. As you will note, most of the questions here are getting at the same beloved query from different vantage points, that question being: “What’s my stake in this whole bloody thing, and why?” Or put more simply:

“What’s it to ya?”

   It is recommended that you bring these questions to bear on your most deeply held belief. Yes, you read that right in the singular: Belief. It doesn’t have to be all of your deeply held beliefs, just one will do. You see, what this in intended to do is to spark an inward quest to the root of things, again one that will ultimately bring you to the ultimate question, “Who Am I?” Before that, you will get to the question: “What can I really believe with 100% certainty?” And after that: “What Can/Do I Really Know?”


(& now without further about nothing ado…)


Some Great Questions for YOU


What’s it to me?


What’s in it for me?

What’s at stake here for me?


What is my investment in this being true or not?


What do I stand to gain or lose from choosing one side or the other?

(or simply: What do I have to lose?)


Am I able to “handle the truth” in regard to this?


Do I care what people (family, friends, colleagues, spouse, children, God, guru, etc) will think of me if I believe/think this or not? Why or why not?


Would I rather choose “the truth” or the censure or approval of others in regard to this issue?


Who/what would I be if it turned out I was dead wrong about this? Am I ready and willing to be that?



Would I be perfectly fine if I were wrong or not completely right in regard to this issue/belief/thought, etc.?


[switching from “I” to “you” now…]


Is there an emotional charge attached to this thought/belief/idea? If so, where is that emotional charge coming from, and would you label it good, bad, indifferent, or something else? (Please elaborate on your label, if you choose one.)


Do you feel angry when you think about this idea, thought, belief, issue, etc, or about people who think differently than you? If so, why?


Or, is your belief/thought/opinion, etc., coming from a place of fear? If so, what are you afraid of?


Was there a historical moment that you can remember where you took your current stance on this idea, belief, thought, issue, etc.? What prompted your decision at that time? Was it truly your own decision, or was it influenced by something or someone else?


Do you find it easy to dismiss those who think differently than you in regard to this particular issue, idea, belief, thought, etc.?


Are you able to listen with an open mind and heart to all sides of this particular point, thought, issue, controversy, etc?


Do you actively seek out alternative perspectives on what you believe/think to possibly alter your position if there is evidence, reasoning, etc. that might put your thinking in question? If so, would you say (and let’s be completely honest here, if possible) that even though you seek out alternative perspectives that might challenge your own, you really do so to look openminded, but in reality you were going to hold fast to your position anyway to the bitter end (you diehard, you ;)?


If you do look at alternative perspectives, would you say your search is exhaustive, or do you merely satisfy yourself with those that are easiest to demolish and stop there?


And even if you do come to a place where you see that it is truly difficult, if not impossible, to in all honesty choose one perspective or the other(s), do you still hold fast to your original perspective? If so, why?


Would you say your current beliefs are unshakeable? If so, and your beliefs have changed over the course of your lifetime, what is to make you think that they won’t change again?


Is that your final answer?


(Do you hate me?)


(Is that your final answer?)


ok, Mr Smiley, by whom this work is being chaneled (one “n” – the perfume), suggested one more question with the suggestion that if not already doing so, to please sit down before you take a stand one way or the other:


Is it more important to you to stand for something…or sit for nothing?

Can’t stand sitting?  Well I can’t sit standing, lord knows I’ve tried, I believe it’s called levitation : )

[maniacal chaneled laughter]


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