Learn the Five Tibetans

      In August of 2011, my friend Ali and I shot a little video at a beautiful retreat space in Nosara, Costa Rica called the Costa Rica Yoga Spa. I had no idea that in the course of just over one year it would have received nearly 40,000 views on Youtube — 4 times more than my most popular yoga video has in 3 years! I immediately wondered why, and then I found out that Dr. Oz had promoted it on his show.   To give us a little credit, though, it was also a very well-received video.  So far it’s received 177 likes, and only 4 dislikes!  And here are just some of the encouraging comments that have been made:

~ “Well finally someone is doing the 5 Rites properly – slowly as they should be – thank you – I got my original video here in Australia – taught by two ladies at Byron Bay in 1992 & from what I instinctually feel, the exercises need to be done very slowly. The 4th & 5th postures were done more slowly – which I prefer. However, now with your link I can forward to friends – more true to the way. Excellent thank you.”

~ Sweet video!!! great breakdown of the sequences, keep up the great work.

~ “The best video on the Tibetan 5 Rites I’ve seen so far. So beautifully & clearly demonstrated :)”

~ “Best video of these.”

 A woman from Lebanon of all places even wrote to me wanting to become a yoga teacher after having practiced the 5 Tibetans from the video for a month!

So anyway, I wanted to share this with those who might want to learn these exercises, but also for all of the yoga teachers out there, especially those who have completed my own Yoga Teacher Training program.  Here’s the video:

And now, watch Dr. Oz Demonstrating the Five Tibetan Rites

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