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Kirtan Superstars: Some of My Favorite Yoga Music

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My Top 11 Old School Kirtan Artists (in no particular order)

Snatam Kaur & Guru Ganesha Singh

Fave Tracks: Snatam Kaur —> “The Sun Shines on Everyone”
Guru Ganesha Singh —> “Hari Om”



Fave Track: Baba Hanuman (remake of a Krishna Das song)

Fave Track:

Fave Track:


Krishna Das

Fave Track:

Deva Premal
Fave Track:

Bhagavan Das
Fave Track:

David Newman (Durga Das)
Fave Track:

Sean Johnson & The Laughing Lotus Band
Fave Track:

Jai Uttal
Favorite Track:

MC Yogi
Fave Track: Rock On Hanuman

Dave Stringer — If you want to learn a little bit about Dave Stringer’s radical life change to become the kirtan rock star that he is (in his own words), watch the great yoga documentary “Y Yoga.”
Fave Track:

Temple Bhajan Band
Fave Track: “Loka Samasta”

Special Mention: Anugama, Shaman’s Dream, Shimshai, Jaya Lakshmi & Ananda, Singh Kaur, Playing for Change
Shimshai will be playing at the Mystic Island Festival on Maui in early 2013.

Two Major Events Where You Can Experience Many of These Artists: Bhakti Fest in Joshua Tree, and at Omega

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Kirtan Fun Fact: What’s the difference between the words “Jai” and “Jaya” (two words used a lot in kirtan?)? Not much! Both words mean essentially “Victory!” or “Hail!” (and I like to say it’s like “Yay!,” perhaps derivative of it) The word “Jaya” is Sanskrit, and that is how it would have been said way back when. “Jai” is more how the word is written and pronounced in modern Indian languages, and my source says that other variants include “joi” and “jey.” Also, we often hear “Jai” pronounced as “Jai,” and also a lot as “Jey.” It seems both are correct. One Source for this:


Code of Ethics

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“This is a new paradigm code of ethics for anyone who identifies with living, serving, and working on a path of higher consciousness.  …”

* Be honest, work on yourself, live your truth, don’t use others, makes mistakes, make amends, listen to feedback, and move past defensiveness.

* Become a spiritual warrior.

* Have a heart and a mind — use them both.

*  Be open to support from your spirit guides.

*  Live inside your body — be juicy.

*  Take your own advice — live and let live.

*  Take things as they come — one day at a time…and forgive yourself when you do not.

* Be mindful and spontaneous at the same time.

*  Move past one-sidedness.

*  See the beauty and perfection in everything!

*  Be open to change and let go!  Be open to joyfulness.

* Believe in yourself, in others, and in synchronicity and grace.

* Let gratitude fill you up, and let it flow to others.

*  Show the same patience to others that the universe has shown to you.

* Be flexible and tolerant; include yourself.

* Become a shadow dancer — the light, the dark, no difference.

* Never take advantage of others — remember the law of karma.

* Seek to empower those you serve.

* Avoid comparing yourself and your gifts with others.

* Let go of competition and scarcity consciousness — believe in abundance.

*  Hold the vision for those who seek your guidance.  Offer them lovingkindness.

* Do not take others hostage to your ideas of who they should be.

* Do not enable others to stay as they are.

* Let there always be an equal exchange of energy between you and those you serve, aso as not to create confusion and a “less than” relationship.

* Feel your loving feelings and body responses for others.

* Have loving boundaries.  Never shame another for loving, sexual, and nonsexual feelings.

*  Create a big, safe container in which these bright, beautiful souls may cook so the fires of transformation can work their magic on us all.

*  Remember, we are all traveling on the wheel of life back to where we came from, doing the best we can.

* So treat others as you want to be treated — with consideration, dignity, and respect, no matter who they are.  We are all God’s favorite child.