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Yoga University to Offer a Masters of DiviniTree : )

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So very grateful to announce that our February Maui Mystic Yoga Teacher Immersion (200+ Hour Yoga Alliance Certification) is really coming together in a big and delightful way!

      For the first week of our retreat, we will be joined by Ann Averbach of Divinitree Yoga who will lead us each morning in her unique style, Gyspy Flow Yoga, and at a truly epic space here on Maui, Blue Mountain’s Sacred Earth Temple in Haiku.   Please read on for more about Ann and what she offers, and please register now to reserve your spot for that special first week.

    Want to also mention that I first met and had the blessed opportunity to attend Ann’s class at last year’s epic Mystic Island Festival ( here on Maui.   I loved it and know you will, too.

      And we’ll both be back at this year’s 7th Annual Mystic Island event, and what an amazing experience this will be!  Please check out the flyer below to see all of the brilliant artists, speakers, and other presenters who are showing up for this, wow!  Our yoga immersion is also officially a “Mystic Immersion” event as we are part of the Mystic tribe, and this will be the first Mystic Immersion we have offered.  We welcome any and all Mystic Island Festival family to join us!

February 3rd 2014 Yoga University V2


logo-300x295DiviniTree and Yoga University collaborate to bring you the February Radiant Life Revolution in Paradise! An amazing week of yoga and transformation. Immerse yourself in community, yoga, chanting, and meditation. Come celebrate and gift yourself a week of rejuvenation. We will go deep, cleanse, heal, dance, and play!

Experience the magic and power of Gypsy Yoga Flow with Ann Averbach founder of Divinitree Yoga

Life is best lived savoring every breath and moment of the journey; the journey is the destination. Gypsy Flow Yoga is always fresh, surprising, and uplifting.

”I want to share the feeling that years of traveling freely gifted me, into my classes.”

Full of creative sequencing and inspiration, Gypsy Yoga is a physically challenging, yet deeply spiritual practice. We train our body temples to reach peak optimization so that we can harness more light, more love, more divinity. Gypsy Flow juxtaposes demanding aerobic sequences with juicy, fluid sequencing, with luscious moments of freedom where the practitioner can listen to their inner teacher. Interweaving positive visualization, affirmation work, pranayama, mantra, and meditation into the practice, gypsy yoga flow is truly a practice meant to journey into the depths of our inner light. 

REGISTER HERE Normal Price  (shared room)

               REGISTER HERE Camping Price (tenting)


mystic island flyer

      I personally will be offering “Breakthrough Breathwork” and also “Fly Thai Yoga Play” at the event.   For a little glimpse of the “Flying Yoga,” here is a video that Meenakshi Angel Honig and I just created here on Maui:




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Note: I put together these resources to help those of us who have the intention of making a good residual income with SizzleZing.  What I have seen firsthand is that those who do put in the work do reap the benefits.  As a yoga professional with a yoga school, my intention with SizzleZing is to provide a better financial base for my yoga school offerings.  I do see network marketing as the wave of the future and definitely a great way to make some extra money in these challenging financial times.

That said, I also want to put a word in for what I feel is a deeper truth around money, namely that when we let go of fear around money and begin to see the whole monetary system (not to mention the System as a whole) as a vast game, then whether we have money or not, we will be content.  And when we change our attitude to one of Gratitude about everything, seeing everything through the lens of Love, then all abundance is already ours…

(Btw, the other day I had a realization about the name “SizzleZing,” which for many of our tribe doing this is a real turn off.  The realization gave me a little bit more of an appreciation for the name as it suddenly occurred to me that because there are 3 Zings (boards), it makes sense that the name SizzleZing also has 3 “Z”s in it.  Anyway, just a thought, and now for that info…)

***SIZZLEZING WEBSITES*** ~ Official SZ Website ~ Official SocialZing Website (offshoot of SizzleZing)

worldslaziestnetworker ~ Mark Januszewski’s network marketing portal


SIZZLEZING COMPANY CALLS: 862-902-0100 PIN 561597 Live Opportunity Calls: Every Monday & Thursday 3:30 HI /5:30 p.m. PST Bring your new Guests to the call and let us help you build your business.

Live Training Calls: Every Tuesday 3:30 HI/5:30 p.m. PST Start joining our training call so you can duplicate what we are teaching you.

SIZZLE TEAM CALLS: 712-432-3066 code 937894 T.E.A.M. Info /opportunity calls for new invites: Every Tuesday at 12:00 HI/2:00 PST Bring your interested prospects to our team call to receive more information about this awesome opportunity.

T.E.A.M Training calls: Every Friday at 3:30 HI/ 5:30 PST Join us for TEAM building, support, trainings,Q&A opportunity. Become a TEAM leader and responsible sponsor

DIAL IN ACCESS FOR INFO CALL: (712) 432-3131 code 40230357



GREAT OPPORTUNITY CALL From November 19th, 2013:

GREAT TRAINING CALL From November 22nd, 2013



***HIGHLY RECOMMENDED: Skylar’s Power Point Presentation & FAQ ~ You can find these in “Files” above. The Power Point is called sky SizzleZing-2pptx.pdf” ***

Other Important PDFs can also be found in “Files” above and on the SizzleZing website:

***BEST YOUTUBE VIDEOS*** (Don & Carl talk about SZ)



Customer Service:

WBB Solutions LLC 7712 Main Road Bedford, PA 15522 Phone: 814-847-9358

Carl Troutner (Founder) ~ (479)-795-4289

Stan Snead (Founder) ~ (443) 744-2264

Don ~ Skype Name: DNA78175 (Don’s based in Panama)


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Latest Flyer for Our 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training on Maui w/ New Dates!

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Dec 22 2013 Yoga University_V4


E Komo Mai ~ You Are Invited…

To our 200-Hour Yoga Alliance Registered Program this Winter on Maui

WHEN: Take Your Pick: December 2nd-December 22nd or
February 4-24th, 2014

WHERE: A Beautiful Retreat Sanctuary on Maui.

WHO: Anyone who wants to deepen into their yoga practice and self-understanding while enjoying the beauty and richness of Maui. These programs are of special benefit to those who are seeking to become new yoga teachers, yet are open to anyone with a deep interest in yoga and their own evolution/involution. Our intention is always to open space for transformation to occur — a process that often takes us beyond the mat…

~ Certification through Yoga University ~

+ Continuing Education & Deepening for Yoga Teachers.

*** + 12 Hour Aerial Yoga Play Certification with Jen Healy ***


* Learn to Teach Vinyasa Flow Style *

* Kundalini Yoga, Partner Yoga, Flying Yoga, Thai Bodywork, Ecstatic Yoga Dance & Breathwork *

* Intro to the Yoga Swing & Receive a Free One

* Optional 12 Hour Aerial Yoga Play Certification with Jen Healy (separate cost) *

* Daily Meditation, Kirtan & Satsang ~ Native Hawaiian Spiritual Wisdom Sharing *

* Healing & Detoxification, Connecting with Your Passion *

* Super-healthy Food Prepared On-site *

* Shamanic Yoga Healing Ceremony (optional) *

* Financial Wellness for Yoga Professionals *

* Epic Island Excursions *

* Special Guest Teachers *

* Learning & Teaching Yoga as a Way of Life, in a Well-Rounded, Non-Dogmatic, User-Friendly Way *

* Receive our online course offering package as part of the program, & discounts on future offerings *


Reserve Your Space ~ $2200

Early Bird for February (If Paid In Full Before November 22nd) ~ $4280

Kama’aina Price with Lodging ~ $4280

Kama’aina Price w/out Lodging ~ $2880

Full Price ~ $4880 (Includes Everything except airfare)

All payments are 90% refundable up to 90 days prior to start date, 50% 21 days prior to start, or 100% could go toward a future offering.


Refer a friend and receive $150, even if you don’t participate! Your friend receives $75 off.

* Special Discount for Students & Special Needs *

* We offer no money up front and no interest for 6 months with Paypal Financing (decent credit required) *

*** Please note ~ This program is open to all ~ even to those who do not necessarily want to teach yoga, but just explore it more deeply for personal growth and planetary healing. This training course is also ideal for yoga teachers who wish to delve into the deeper dimensions of yoga. In other words, not just yoga as a workout, but as a way of life. ***

Teachers & Special Guests Include

* Allowah Lani (Program Director) ~ Kundalini Yoga, Flying Yoga, Kirtan, Satsang, Ectatic Dance & Shamanic Breathwork, etc. *

* Jen Healy ~ Aerial Yoga Play *

* Zhenya Delate ~ Internet Marketing for Yoga *

* More Special Guest Teachers & Presenters, TBA


For questions about the program, contact Allowah @


“It is an amazing space: great energy, absolutely gorgeous and a perfect place to do your training. I know, bc I just completed mine there Feel free to contact me, ask questions or see my photo albums for more information. I fully reccomend Allowah and his program. ♥” ~ Theresa Guinasso


“Allowah is a great teacher who lives yoga full heartedly. He is wise in the information he gives and makes everyone feel very welcome. He is also very patient and understanding of individual needs as well the group needs…[& About Livacious Live Food Catering:] Delicious Delicious and Amazingly Delicious! Taliyah and Diana make the best food I’ve ever had and it’s all filled with Loving & Light energy! Thank you! Namaste”
~ Robyn Filkins

“It was a strong experience…So many lessons I have learned to grow up, and now I just need to practice! Thank you so much for this amazing experience…I love you.” ~ Delphine, Miami, Florida


“Thank you for a wonderful learning experience with a great group of people. I feel that I have really grown through having had this experience. I learned a lot about yoga from this training.” ~ Meredith, Naples, Florida


Allowah (239) 592-0898

email:, or Facebook “Allowah Lani”


Yoga University on Facebook:

3~’ “Love, Serve, Remember” 3~’

~ ALOHA & NAMASTÉ~ E Komo Mai ~ You Are Invited… To our 200-Hour Yoga Alliance Registered Program this Winter on Maui WHEN: Take Your Pick: December 2nd-December 22nd or February 4-24th, 2014 WHERE: A Beautiful Retreat Sanctuary on Maui. WHO: Anyone who wants to deepen into their yoga practice and self-understanding while enjoying the […]

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Anatomy of a Successful Youtube Video

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Kind of celebrating, but not really…This video has now had 100,000 views and received about 450 likes with very few dislikes (always something to not like or be negative about!).  I’m not really celebrating, yet I am pleased that this little video, shot by my friend Ali Gardella with a HD camera in Costa Rica just a couple years ago, has now reached this milestone.  This was a very low budget project that probably took all of 2-3 hours in total to complete.  Which means you can do it, too!  This little blog post is just to briefly explain how…

First, choose a topic that is just becoming big.  In this case, I didn’t know it, but Dr. Oz was talking about the 5 Tibetans on his show, or maybe it was Oprah.  I knew a lot of people were already interested in the Five Tibetans, though.  Should be a topic that you can honestly bring some light to and feel good about it.  In my case, I had been doing the Five Tibetans for years, so it wasn’t too much of a stretch.

Second, choose a nice location and get your best shots!

Third, editing video is so easy these days. I can’t speak for PCs, but Macs make it really easy.  A good soundtrack definitely helps, too.

Fourth, after it’s uploaded to Youtube, tag it well, and then promote on as many social media networks as you can.

Fifth, if you want to earn some money from your video, Youtube allows you to monetize it.  Or, you can use your video to attract people to your website, FB page, and so on.

And that’s about it!  Most importantly, stop talking about doing it, just do it! : ) And have fun… Namasté _/\_





Yogi Zen & Urine Therapy…Fountain of Youth?

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Aloha!  Yogi Zen has finally arrived back on Maui after a long hiatus and he is sharing his amazing Yoga Swing (that he invented) with us all.  He is also sharing his wealth of knowledge and wisdom regarding yoga, the body, staying young and longevity.  This blog post is really just to highlight a couple of things: Urine therapy, a most likely ancient yoga practice (found in the 14th century yoga manual the Hatha Yoga Pradipika, for one), also found in a number of other cultures; and the Yoga Swing, particularly Yogi Zen’s latest model which I have now had the pleasure to experience myself (in the yoga space here on Maui where Yogi Zen originally created it).


 As far as the swing, all I can say is “wow!”  I agree with Yogi Zen that this is one of the next big things for yoga and for self-care and fitness in general.  I feel so strongly about it that I will be helping Zen to share his gift with the world, bringing it back with me to Naples, Florida, where I introduced Yogi Zen’s original parachute model of the swing a couple of years back.

Urine therapy is a tougher pill to swallow for many, especially in our culture. In another post, I will go into why it works in more detail.  For now, you can watch the National Geographic Taboo video above to get a little sense of what it’s all about.   Also, here’s one of Yogi Zen’s (aka, TarZen) most recent yoga swing video offerings…

Yogi Zen’s Website:


Shine Your Heartsong Music Retreat in Florida

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January 18th-25th, 2014 in Naples, Florida

A fusion of singer-songwriting and kirtan. A way of sharing the most sacred gift of music together as we heal ourselves and commune in a deeper way than we often can in our busy lives. Allowing us to see ever more clearly how our choices regarding how we love ourselves affect our attitudes, thoughts, perceptions, and create a more conducive atmosphere for our inner heartsongs to shine.

What to Expect…

~ Healthy co-created meals, recipe sharing

~ Vocal Training including deep breath work

~ Satsang and theory where we allow for a deeper understanding of song, music, kirtan, mythology, poetry, etc.

~ Learn Sanskrit and the basic meaning of the Sanskrit chants.

~ Learn Basic Guitar (major/minor chords, essential theory)

~ Hone Your songwriting craft & finally finish that song(!)

~ Merge your lyrics with songs/chants from other traditions.

~ Deepen your relationship to your instrument(s) of choice

~ Take away basic master of your song(s)

~ Bring our music out into the community! (schools, hospitals, wherever it might be needed : )

~ Group recording project

~ Possible co-creation of a CD/DVD and songbook

Cost: $30 per day or $180 for the week.

Early Bird (before Nov. 21st): $108



The Music Maestros:

Ali Gardella (239) 272-8211

Alananda: (239) 592-0898

~ “If music be the food of love, play on!” ~
(we’ll eat afterward if anyone’s still hungry ; )